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Éric Hoyeau and Freddy Powell: “It’s a breeze, a matter of human relations and trust”

Institution / Sales / 11.05.2022

Starting Thursday, 2-year-olds from Arqana take to the stage in Deauville to gallop, the next day the sale itself arrives. Éric Hoyeau and Freddy Powell answered our questions.

Gallop day. – British statistician Tom Wilson has published a rather impressive study on rapid rises in Europe. The Deauville sale, which had the best results on the track on the European stage, according to the two evaluation indexes it placed. How did Arqana come to such a conclusion?

Eric Hoyeau and Freddy Powell. – It’s a human relations issue and it’s also a trust issue. We took our pilgrim’s staff for a tour. senders In Ireland from the 1990’s onwards… With the successful presses that followed, trust grew over time. Both French and foreign groomers know they will find the best possible pose for their horses in Arqana.

Confidence also means success on the road and attentive listening to buyers’ wishes.

Finally, there is a great technical requirement for both parties. Especially when it comes to the track. Here, too, everyone made sure to meet the requirements of professionals in their specialty. That was the case in Saint-Cloud. And that’s always the case in Deauville. For three years, Arqana breezes has been the segment leader in Europe.

Your sale has a reputation for delivering topics that definitely don’t have to be super early…

Postponing the date gives more time to prepare the foals. This allows us to find topics that sometimes develop less early. And the results are positive. In Arqana we can offer horses that we know will show their full potential after the Royal Ascot. With this category, why push around aiming for mid-April when the foals can be sold in mid-May? The qualitative positioning of our sale – with horses selling well – means that these 2-year-olds have slightly more cotton than their contemporaries’ so-called ultra precocious.

Finally, context plays its full role. Its extraordinary setting, the presence of the classics… sellers and buyers want to come to Deauville!

In France, some people think the breezes don’t concern them, especially since the servers are mostly Irish. How would you answer them?

Indeed, most of the buyers of the Deauville breeze are from Ireland. However, it is important not to forget the French, who operate as salesmen. Also, the Irish are in the majority with American and British influences! In Ireland this specialization is much more developed in this niche than elsewhere. Some are active at five or six sales a year, and large-volume horses allow for comparison. Purchases are made accordingly. In France this is not a generalization, but sometimes in pre-training we see horses driven into the breeze by opportunity.

How to buy well during a breeze?

If we had to give advice about breezes to a new buyer, it would be: go upstream, spend time observing the horses, their behavior, talk to the sellers… outstanding breeze. It is also a topic that we put in context.

French buyers have always done well at this auction, regularly bringing out horses that have won major events! The latest example is Malavath (Mehmas)! Any sale, regardless of the age of the animals, involves some degree of uncertainty. However, the rapid rises represent a segment where the success rate in competition is very high afterward. The fast horse cliché that came hysterically to his trainer had his day.

Some market players conclude: Fast horses are undervalued relative to their probability of succeeding in the race, which is statistically higher. Why ? Because sequencing and preparation is done by the leading horsemen: the pinhookers. But also because the issues that cause problems are mostly thrown upwards.

What do the breezes represent for sellers of French toasts?

The presence of Pinhookers is really important to French breeders and the French market. Pinhookers represent 70 years of acquisitions and nearly three million investments a year in Deauville. Half of it goes on sale in France and half abroad. Also, in many cases, they bid low and therefore act in favor of the French breeders. We also know that other buyers can see the potential of horses not the most obvious as toughness. Having these issues come up with a breeze the following year allowed them to have great careers, eventually getting to good homes. Here, too, the beneficiary is the French breeder who owns the mother and uterine products.

Despite the worrying global context, sales have held more than good since the beginning of the year. In what mood do you approach the breeze?

Despite geopolitical troubles, we can see that the demand for horses is strong all over the world. The numbers are pretty solid. Buyers at the upper end of the market appear somewhat resilient to the crisis. Also, racing fans come from very different backgrounds. Therefore, when there is a crisis, some lose money, while others gain purchasing power. This explains the better resilience of the race to economic turbulence than can be observed in other markets.

Foreigners are plentiful at the start of the week in Deauville. They obviously missed France! It is also a great incentive for August because they will be there this summer too…


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