This resident of Auffargis published his first novel inspired by family history.

His story begins in a cemetery. Like her grandmother, who was born in 1903 in the small village of Marville (Meuse), where her father was a caretaker at the time.
Laurent Maillard was inspired to write his first novel, as far as he can remember, from his family’s history, which begins at the burial place of the dead.

“I am writing the story of a man in his forties who spends his days building walls of bone and wandering between tombs, as my great-great-grandfather did,” he begins. The story of a man whose only friend is his dog Pataud before he meets Marguerite, an old woman who returns to the village after a sudden departure a few years ago. »

Laurent Maillard (The author of the book Everything must be gone)

Over 220 pages, family secrets related to the genealogy will be revealed little by little, concluding the story he tells. Everything must be goneis set in this intriguing cemetery and 1980s French village. The story isn’t sad or scary, but the setting often doesn’t bode well. It’s even mild and sometimes makes you smile.

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a book written 20 years ago

The 58-year-old Auffargis resident’s first novel, published by Macha imprints on March 22, could never get out of his “digital drawer,” as the author put it. “I wrote this book 20 years ago. At that time, I had sent it to several publishing houses without success. »

Yes, but now, almost a year ago, Laurent Maillard came across an announcement from Macha publishing house that registration was open for the Premier Novel competition. “I tell myself it costs nothing to try, Everything must be gone and I move on with my life. »

I love when everything has to be made, created and imagined.

The communications consultant forgets about competition. Don’t think about it anymore. “Then in November 2021 I got a call from my publishing house and said that my book was ranked first among 200 other literary works received and that I would be published. I was pleasantly surprised. »

Finally, his more or less fictitious story was about to come to light. “When I first got a copy of my novel, I was happy and not proud. It was concrete. tangible. »

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Naturally, Laurent Maillard began writing at the age of 40, between five and seven in the morning when everyone was asleep at night. “I was in a band called ‘Ze Duk’ at that time, I was writing songs, it started from there,” says the author, who doesn’t see himself like that yet.

“For me it’s a job. It takes discipline and I’m not there yet. I have a job next door and I write according to my wishes. I still think I have a lot of room for improvement. »

Laurent Maillard (The author of the book Everything must be gone)

A cemetery where family secrets are kept

Originally from Longwy (Meurthe-et-Moselle), the author devoured suspense lines one by one from an early age, when he was just 9 years old. He is the one who wrote them today. “My favorite thing about writing is to start from scratch. Oh I love this! exclaims Laurent Maillard.

All it needs is a blank slate “when all there is left to do, create and dream” in order to thrive. Once words are grafted onto paper or his computer’s word-processing software, it doesn’t “go back to it”, except to “change a few sentences” without changing my story at all. »

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Laurent Maillard continues to write, set in his stone house in a quiet area close to the forest. Under the chirping of the birds, the adopted Yvelinois, accompanied by his novel’s dog Sia, “the same breed as Pataud,” still has some literary surprises.

Everything must be gone It is on sale in all bookstores and on the internet at a price of 19.90 €.


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