Is the cat smart?

For a long time, the dog’s intelligence was the subject of all attention and was even considered superior to the cat’s intelligence. However, recent research has revealed that this is not the case, and that the cat is a very intelligent animal, and unlike dogs, it is an intelligence that is in no way tied to race, but is based mainly on experience and experience. However, if we know that the cat is intelligent, this intelligence is very different from other species and is based on reasoning, observation and memory.

How is the intelligence of the cat revealed? Are all cats equal in front of him? How is it encouraged? Our answers are in this file.

Cat’s intelligence: how does it show itself?

Serious research has looked into the intelligence of the cat and has revealed that contrary to what has long been claimed, male cats of our friends are no less intelligent than dogs.

The little cat indeed has a particularly keen mind in terms of observation, reasoning and memorization.

  • Cat’s reasoning capacity: the cat can reason, that is, it can activate its capacities to solve problems. The little cat knows how to relate objects to each other and shows intelligence in terms of reasoning, even if these abilities are dictated, first of all, by the need to satisfy their primary needs.
  • The ability to observe and memorize the cat: The cat is especially observant, a skill that is very important to him as he learns a lot by imitating what is happening around him. He learns to clean, hunt and socialize from his mother, and his great memory enables him to integrate the right gestures at a very early age and reproduce them throughout his life.

But that’s not all. Thanks to its memorizing capacity, the cat knows which door can leave the house, in which container its food, in which box its food, etc. can know.

The cat can learn in two ways:

  • Operant conditioning: The cat understands what kind of action might be triggered in return and memorizes it, especially if the result is beneficial to him. As a result, he will be able to reproduce this behavior to get what he wants. For example, if he knows that his master sitting on the couch can get a cuddle session by rubbing his legs, he will be able to get the moment of tenderness by coming and rubbing himself as soon as he feels it. .
  • Responsive conditioning or the Pavlovian reflex: the cat can also learn through association, meaning it knows that one event can trigger another, and this understanding helps it predict this second event. For example, if the cat knows that it is the sound of the cabinet door announcing the delivery of the food, it will be able to run to its bowl after hearing this characteristic squeak and even before it is served.

Are all cats equal in intelligence?

If we know that some dog breeds are more intelligent than others, the situation is not the same for the cat. Studies have revealed that there is no distinction between breeds of male cats, which tends to prove that among our fellow felines breed is by no means a criterion of intelligence.

The tendency to influence the intelligence of the cat is first and foremost its experience, its experiences, its environment and what it goes through. But that’s not all, because the animal’s interactions with fellow animals, animals of other species, and humans have proven importance in the development of intelligence, reasoning, memory and observation skills. The more a cat is stimulated and in a stimulating environment, the better its intelligence will develop.

In addition, and vice versa, you should know that the cat’s state of health plays a role in its intelligence. Stressed, distressed, anxious or even unhappy, the animal suffers from dysfunctions of the nervous system. These toms cannot focus on the problems before them. Neural connections between different parts of the brain are not established efficiently and intelligence is hampered.

How can we stimulate the cat’s intelligence?

The cat learns from its experiences, successes and failures. In conclusion, anything that can stimulate an animal, push it to solve a problem, overcome or overcome a challenge, is a good way to learn and enrich its intelligence with new skills. The cat demonstrates and develops its intelligence through play and various exercises, but also through interactions.

Games that stimulate the cat’s intelligence

The cat likes to play, it is an ideal activity to entertain, engage, let him exercise, but also develop his intelligence. There is a wide variety of toys that will contribute to the development of our little cats’ capacities and stimulate their intelligence. These games and toys are designed to stimulate the reasoning abilities of the tomcat, encouraging him to exercise and use his brain capacities.

Mazes, wheels, food delivery toys, lasers, there is no shortage of ideas to stimulate the cat’s intelligence. Most of these games are interactive and allow the animal to receive a reward in the form of kibbles or treats, small enough to stimulate their desire to play and encourage them to learn while having fun and having fun.

You can also very simply activate your little friend’s wits by offering them to play with you the game of hiding a feast under one of the same three boxes. You then move and shuffle these containers and your cat should know how to find the one that holds the secret treat. Of course, the difficulty should be gradual, the pace should be reduced, and each achievement should make it earn the reward.

Always offer your pet several types of play, toys designed for a two-person play session and those reserved for him alone. Feathers, strings, balls, plastic mice, bottle caps, aluminum pellets… assortment and change toys regularly to avoid fatigue and allow your cat to discover new fun and new sources of intellectual stimulation.

The role of the master in stimulating the cat’s intelligence

Set aside indoor and/or outdoor spaces for your pet, where it can develop and revitalize itself, alone or in your company, with or without you. These areas should allow him to jump, climb, climb or hide. If the cat tree is an excellent toy that stimulates many aspects of the cat’s intelligence, it will be satisfied with homemade toys such as a cardboard box, a height observatory (shelf or furniture-top type), an observatory on it. the edge of the window, outward, etc.

The cat needs to observe its territory and environment for constant stimulation. This will save your male cat the boredom that can cause depression, but above all you will help him develop his intelligence on a daily basis.

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