8 reasons to switch to organic food for your dog

To take care of his little friend, it is recommended to offer him a high-quality diet. Organic foods consist of first choice healthy ingredients known for their quality and are produced without resorting to chemical processes. More respectful of the environment as well as the welfare of dogs and animals, organic food is often criticized for its cost. But it has many advantages for our canine friends. Let’s explore 8 reasons why you should choose him to feed your little friend.

What is organic dog food?

Organic food is food that has not been subjected to any chemical treatment during its production, production and storage. In addition, its production was carried out without recourse to synthetic additives such as dyes, preservatives and flavor enhancers, or only at extremely reduced rates. Finally, all the plant-derived ingredients that make up an organic food come from farms that do not use pesticides or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Organic foods that meet the required criteria are labeled. In fact, many classic products display the term “organic” on their packaging when they contain a single ingredient from organic farming. However, in fact, such products cannot be classified as organic food. To make the right choice, look for products for dogs with organic labels, such as the EU (Organic Agriculture) label and the European Eurofeuille label.

Organic food products are often more expensive to purchase, which can slow down dog owners who don’t always see the purpose of this type of food for their little friend. But these foods are particularly beneficial.

8 reasons to switch to organic food for your dog

Good reason 1: A healthier diet

An organic diet consists of 100% natural ingredients and is therefore much healthier. It is produced without chemical treatment, non-GMO, dangerous chemicals and synthetic additives. Therefore, it is a more natural and healthy food for the dog’s body.

Good reason #2: More nutritious products

To obtain the organic label, manufacturers are subject to very strict specifications for nutritional quality. The ingredients chosen to create these feeds are therefore the first choice and are much more nutritious than conventional feeds. Thus, the dog benefits from a quality product that is not denatured and has all the nutritional properties to meet all its needs.

Good reason n°3: Reduction in digestive disorders

Organic dog food of high quality and free of chemical products and additives is much easier to digest and assimilate by the animal. As a result, they help greatly reduce digestive disorders and are particularly recommended for dog breeds prone to this type of frailty.

Good reason #4: Reduction in skin disorders

As with humans, a high-quality diet has a direct impact on a dog’s health, and particularly on its epidermis. Organic food is healthier as it is devoid of chemical products and compounds, reducing the risk of inflammatory or allergic skin reaction due to these harmful additives and compounds.

The use of organic food contributes to a healthier skin and a more beautiful coat.

Good reason #5: A more energetic animal

Thanks to the organic food and quality ingredients, the dog is less exposed to the risk of deficiency because it is healthier. Therefore, it draws on all the energy it needs to thrive and thrive on a daily basis. In addition to avoiding extra pounds, the dog is much more dynamic, it enjoys walking, playing, having fun, etc. is happy. Its strong immune system also protects it from many diseases.

Good reason n°6: A relatively accessible diet

When buying, it is true that organic dog food is more expensive than conventional products purchased in the market. However, this cost depends on the quality of the components that make it up and on the production conditions, which are subject to much stricter standards.

If their cost is similar to food products prize For dogs, you should know that their high nutritional quality makes them much more satiating, which means the animal consumes less to satisfy their hunger and is much healthier. As a result, you buy fewer packs to feed your pet and reduce your veterinary costs as such products contribute to improving your little friend’s health.

Good reason n°7: A diet that is more respectful to other animals

The organic label is in demand in terms of quality as well as the treatment of animals that make up these specialty foods. The rearing and processing conditions of the poultry and cattle used to create these organic feeds are significantly improved and are themselves fed organic feed.

The fish are caught on organic or conventional farms and are fed organic materials themselves.

Good reason n°8: Food that respects the environment

Choosing organic food for your dog is part of a responsible approach and ecological philosophy that respects the environment. Organic croquettes and pates are made from healthy and natural products that respect the rhythm of nature as well as animals and their needs. They are pesticide free and rely on healthier products that help protect the planet and future generations.

Organic food and natural food: two food modes not to be confused!

Organic products should not be mixed with natural foods if they stand out with their quality most of the time. Indeed, organic animal feed is subject to very stringent requirements and must meet certain standards to maintain its label.

Natural nutrition is quite different. Although it is not subject to any special legislation, it is formed at the initiative of the manufacturer. Still, these highlight the fact that these are special diets that must meet the natural needs of dogs. Volhard, BARF or other diets fall under the category of natural diets.

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