Owning a pet can be expensive on a daily basis. Zoom in on these tips to save money with your dog or cat!

500€. According to a study conducted by Royal Canin, this is the average annual cost the French spend on food and veterinary costs for their pets.

How do you save money when you have a dog or cat?

Food, veterinary expenses, accessories… The educational expenses of our four-legged friends can quickly climb. Fortunately, there are several tricks make saving, Don’t over tighten the belt. For example, baskets and used game accessories available from several sellers. Also, remember that you can call. do it yourself build nice niche or a beautiful wooden cat tree !

Reduce your pet’s expenses: save on food

Another criterion to consider in order to reduce your pet’s expenses is Pay attention to your diet. for example you can buy kibbles wholesalebut above all trust good food to avoid having to pay veterinary costs. For example, Royal Canin, a global player in animal nutrition, offers foods tailored to the nutritional needs of every cat and dog. They age, they way of lifethey to cut, they race, but also their activity level are taken into account.


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