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Our solidarity guide: Łódź mobilized to help refugees from Ukraine!

On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. Many people had to leave not only their homes but also their lives. Since the beginning of the war, the Poles have been helping their brothers in the East in every possible way. The city of Łódź is not left out. Actions carried out by the town hall, foundations and charities, as well as “simple” citizens who want to show their support and empathy to those affected by the war.

figures in Poland and Lodz especially

In Poland, from February 24 to May 3, 2022, 3,094,446 refugees arrived in the country.

According to this dzienniklodzki.plnear 63,000 Ukrainian war refugees find work in PolandCan we read on April 21?

among them 5.5 thousand people are employed in Łódź and Łódź Voivodeship. Most work in manufacturing, commerce and services.

On the school side of town, there’s more. 3.5 thousand Ukrainian students are welcome there.

Łódź helps his brothers in the East

From the very beginning, Łódź supported Ukrainians in various ways: for example, by sending basic necessities.

On the municipality’s website you will find lots of information to help them find their way in this new reality.

Urgent: Azyl Foundation asks for help for animals!

In Łódź there is a shortage of food and accessories for the animals of refugees from Ukraine. Azyl Foundation is asking for help and it’s urgent!

Page capture Fundacja Azyl | Facebook

The AZYL Foundation not only helps animals in Ukraine by regularly sending food, but also supports refugees currently in Poland who came with their little friends, often in harsh conditions for both animals and animals.

The foundation currently sells pet food and litter boxes, travel crates, etc. The foundation no longer has money to make other purchases and now relies on your donations!

To donate and support the association!

Donations for Lviv

Immediately after the start of the war, the Łódź Town Hall organized a large fundraiser for its partner city, Lviv. A large number of citizens attended this event, bringing food, medicine, clothing and many other useful materials.

Donations are always collected

– Halle du MOSiR at 21 rue ks. Skorupki,

– At Łódź Town Hall at 104 Piotrkowska Street.

Photo: Kamil Organa, MOSiR Hall

Foundations and initiatives for children

Many foundations in Łódź support refugees, especially children.

The Happy Children Foundation organizes the evacuation of children from orphanages in war-torn Ukraine. They are safely brought to Poland, where they are housed, fed, clothed and above all cared for.

You support children in orphanages and foster families by donating to one of the following organisations:…/evacuation-of-orphaned…

Establishment “Dom w ŁodziIt offers a range of activities to help children in orphanages and parents of children with disabilities. It offers accommodation, collection, childcare, document translation organization.

Seniors helping refugees

It is also worth mentioning the various initiatives of the inhabitants of Łódź.

Centrum Zdrowego i Aktywnego Seniora Recently, she has collected 261 backpacks filled with stuffed animals, coloring books, sweets and juices for little Ukrainians who have fled their country. Many people took part in this action to give a little joy and happiness to these children.

Phone book for refugees

A phone book based on the Tropiciel application has been created for Ukrainians coming to the city in Łódź. The guide contains a lot of important information:

– a list of emergency numbers,

– information on medical and administrative assistance,

– a list of schools that organize preparatory classes and much more…

Psychological support

In Łódź there are many institutions and associations that offer psychological support to Ukrainians. However, it is worth mentioning a free initiative of scientists of the Polytechnic University of Łódź.

During a twenty-minute session, relaxation techniques are used: visualization and breathing techniques. They help to overcome the trauma experienced during the war. This psychological support method is used all over the world.

University of Łódź

The University of Łódź is also mobilized, all the details are here!

Very active social networks

The people of Łódź also help through social media.

Many groups have been created on Facebook to help refugees:


Łódź – Ukrainian Pomoc. Noclegi, transport, tłumacz. Лодзь – Допомога,

Pomoc dla Ukraine – Łódź i okolice,

Lodz | Pomoc dla uchodźców z Ukraine.

Ukraine w Łodzi)))

Łódź Pomaga Ukraine

More pages by clicking here

People share job postings, accommodations, transportation information, translation assistance and more.

Messages are available in Polish and Ukrainian.

Thanks to these numerous initiatives, it will be easier for Ukrainians to navigate in this new environment.

Screenshot of Facebook page Ukraińcy w Łodzi)))

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