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4 essential treatments for your pet’s health

Your pets are like family to you. Just as you take care of your loved ones, you should also take care of your pet’s health. So you can provide him with a certain number of treatments. Discover some helpful tips for optimizing your pet’s health, starting with quality food.

Premium food with quality kibble

Food is the first factor that affects your dog’s health and well-being. Kibbles are one pet favorite foods They are the most eaten foods because of their soft and crunchy texture. It is possible to diversify the flavors with croquettes. Indeed, when you feed your guards quality croquettes, they give him the necessary nutrients to face the day.

There are several advantages when your pet chews the kibble:

  • digestion is facilitated
  • the absorption of nutrients is promoted,
  • Chewing helps to prevent tartar formation by removing dirt from the teeth better.

appetizing dog food

kibbles, very pleasing to your pet’s taste buds. It is one of the characteristics that most affect whether an animal accepts its food or not. Optimum flavor will be achieved by selecting kibbles made from high quality materials whose manufacturing process follows the best standards. In the effect, the best croquettes have appetizing scents and easily stored.

Today we find a wide range of premium kibbles to provide quality food for our dogs.

Multiple kibbles for your pets’ enjoyment

The shape of the pepper is obtained by exposing the food mass to very high pressure and temperature for several minutes. This food is then passed through a sieve whose special shape resembles the final kibble. some croquettes circular, others oval, triangle, rectangular… Depending on the pet you have, you should choose a particular kibble.

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Well thought out textures for better sensations

Depending on the expansion of the starch contained in the kibble dough, different textures may appear in these foods. smoother or rougher surfaces. This can affect whether an animal finds it more or less pleasant to put the kibble in its mouth.

There are kibbles of different hardness, some of them are even hard on the outside and soft on the inside. An older animal with a weaker jaw and fewer teeth will need a softer kibble than a young animal with healthy teeth.

Take care of your pet’s hygiene

The hygiene of your pet is a very important element for its health. You need to keep yourself well informed to know whether it is necessary or not. brush and how often, and how often wash it. It is very important to do it correctly so as not to affect his health.

Also, proper health care is essential for the animal to lead a healthy life. When adopting a pet, you should: arrange regular visits to the veterinarianand be aware of their vaccinations. If you notice strange behavior such as loss of appetite, drooling, exaggerated weight change, or weakness while playing, go straight to the vet to have it checked out. Like this, regular checkups are important : Just like you, your pet can have heart problems, develop arthritis, and even get a toothache.

If you have a dog or cat as a pet, you should pay attention to their oral hygiene. Indeed, once tartar has formed, it is very difficult to remove it except with the help of a veterinarian. Therefore, your main task is to ensure that your pet’s teeth are cleaned regularly. How ? You can use special toothbrushes and toothpastes for dogs and cats that must have certain properties. There are two types of toothbrushes on the market:

  • Toothbrush with handle : Soft bristles are designed to reach the hardest corners of the mouth and provide a pleasant feeling when cleaning pet’s teeth. The handle should be ergonomic for a safer grip.
  • finger toothbrush : Ideal for small dogs and cats, their fur can be soft or fabric. The latter is extremely sensitive on the teeth and gums and has the same function as the bristle one; It is very suitable for pets who do not like to have their teeth cleaned.

It is also important to use toothpaste in the form of a paste, gel or spray specially produced for dogs and cats. The important thing is to never use what you use, because contains fluorine which is very toxic to pets. Also remember to be very gentle when brushing your pet’s teeth. You can start with a small amount of toothpaste to get used to it, then focus on the outer teeth before moving on to the back teeth and tongue.

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Neglecting to take care of your friend’s paws can also be dangerous. causes infections and predisposes them to trauma. Therefore, from time to time it is necessary to act on the paws, removal of collected remains and shorten them so they don’t become too curved. To shorten your pet’s claws, you should use suitable nail clippers, available at any pet products store, and be careful not to shorten them too much, as they can become infected.

Other parts of the body that require special care are the ears and eyes. Ears are particularly prone to otitis media, so they need to be kept clean at all times, using naturally specific and non-aggressive products. Eyes should always be checked. detect any redness or tearingand in the case of conjunctivitis, it is essential to consult a veterinarian.

Your pet needs exercise

Your pet needs regular exercise to stay fit and healthy. Again, avoid the hottest times of the day, because dogs or cats tend to put them to sleep. Also, like humans, they can suffer from injuries, sprains, and sprains. Therefore, it is important to monitor their physical activity and ensure that they do not overexercise or engage in hazardous activities.

Exercise is necessary to activate your pet express normal behaviore.g. exploring, tracking scent trails, etc. In addition, this time can be used to improve training and strengthen the relationship between the pet and its owner. Cats need formal exercise they find outside the home (gardens, yards, etc.). When the cat is constantly indoors, the owner should provide the animal with a fun activity that meets its physical and mental needs. Exercise should also be adapted to the type of animal.. Small dogs, for example, tend to be more energetic than large ones, so they will need more time to play.

Do not neglect the care of your pet’s accessories

To maintain your friend’s health, the area in which he lives must be constantly guarded. Indeed, you need to adopt certain cleaning habits:

  • Do floor cleaning with effective detergents or disinfectants to neutralize microbes with broad-spectrum actions and reduce the bacterial load of the environment;
  • Sterilize periodically habitat special disinfectants and environmental pesticides for your pet;
  • Remove stool immediately and if cats live together, periodically and carefully disinfect litter boxes;
  • Wash food and water containers daily and be very careful. For example, dogs and cats should have their own plates and bowls and should never be mixed or washed with yours to avoid possible infection. If possible, a good rule of thumb is to use metal bowls and bowls as well, as plastic degrades, alters the taste of food and acts as a substrate for possible bacterial growth.
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Know that just like you, your pets need to live in a healthy environment for their well-being and growth. When an animal is healthy, you can feel it by its movements and enthusiasm.

In short, the presence of a pet at home, a responsibility. Remember that you are responsible for the behavior of your little friends. Regular visits to the veterinarian and possible vaccinations are therefore important. Keeping your pets healthy, well-fed and well-groomed is their right above all else, but it is also the most important guarantee of safe and peaceful coexistence.

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