New Research Reveals Why Employees Join or Stay

The results of a new study provide valuable information for employers to persuade employees to stay or join the company.

In the last two years, millions of employees have decided to leave their companies due to the burnout and stress associated with covid-19. However, why did the others decide to stay? The results of a new study published Tuesday (April 19th) offer valuable advice to employers looking to retain their talents or attract others.

Main decision factors

According to a study by WTW (Willis Towers Watson), health and pensions seem to be the main determining factors. As a matter of fact, the priority given by the employees to these benefits has reached the highest level of the last ten years. According to research:

  • 60% of employees surveyed With an increase of 41% in 2010, they cited their employer’s pension rights as the most important reason for choosing to stay with their company.
  • 47% of employees surveyed He said the main determining factors in choosing to join a company, which was 25% and 32% in 2010, were their company’s pension programs and health benefits (48%).
  • The benefits of health care are so important that 46% of surveyed employees They say that they would rather have better benefits than better pay. 59% said they were prepared to pay more for better pension benefits.

More important factors

“While employees still see salary as the most compelling reason to stay or leave a company, health and pension rights have become a much larger factor in their decision-making processes,” he said. Monica MartinWithdrawal Senior Director WTW.

“In a tight labor market, companies that understand the importance employees place on these fundamental rights and offer invaluable benefits programs can differentiate themselves in their efforts to be an employer of choice,” says Monica Martin.

Benefits for workers with pets

Of course, some benefits may be more important to some people than others. Take pet owners, for example.

According to this petco“Workers in the United States yearn to get back to some normal work life, but many are worried about leaving the comfort of working from home, including their pets, behind.”

A study by Petco in 2021 found:

  • 69% of pet owners they’re stressed out about what it means to be back at work for their furry friend.
  • almost half wants their employers to adopt a pet-friendly workplace.
  • 41% They say they will consider changing jobs if their future employer allows them to bring their pets to work.

In addition, according to Petco, the benefits for employees who bring their pet to the office are as follows:

  • improved physical health

The presence of animals can reduce heart rate and blood pressure.

The presence of animals in the office can have a positive effect on the person’s reported anxiety, calmness, and endocrine responses.

  • Increased productivity and creativity

Dogs encourage breaks, which helps improve morale, productivity, and focus. Also, breaks are often taken outdoors, which boosts creativity. Finally, pet owners worry less about leaving their pets at home without letting them relax or exercise.

“Employers returning to office culture after two years of remote work are looking for ways to make it a more positive experience for employees,” he said. Jenny WolskiPetco’s senior vice president of omnichannel experience.

“Companion-friendly programs not only give employers a competitive advantage, but also provide many health and wellness benefits for people and pets alike. At Petco, we believe keeping our pets at work helps reduce stress, improve physical health and increase productivity for our partners, while keeping our pets engaged mentally and socially,” concludes Jenny Wolski.

Some tips for employers

WTW advises businesses and organizations to:

  • assessing the competitiveness of all benefits packages, particularly pension and health care plans, with those of their competitors;
  • implement strategies to listen to employees to understand their perceptions and needs, and develop strategies to retain the most valuable and vulnerable talents;
  • increase communication with employees to promote the value proposition for employees;
  • Provide personalized communication to demonstrate the value of benefit plans.

Don’t wait to take action to attract or retain talent. According to the labor market trends report in 2022, job list :

  • Three out of four full-time employees They are planning to quit their jobs this year.
  • 79% of salaried job seekers They think they can make more money by changing jobs.

Article translated from Forbes USA – Author: Edward Segal

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