Charentais Régis Maurice, trot fixed on body

The more a horse wins, the better it ranks, which gives it access to the biggest racetracks, especially Vincennes.

Passionate about racehorses since adolescence, the former butcher owns a dozen racehorses whose performance he watches daily at the Paris Turf.

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But it is impossible to see their horses. “My brood mares are in Pouancé in Maine-et-Loire and when the horses are 18 months old they go to train with Franck Leblanc in Mayenne”almost apologetically slipping Régis Maurice “an above ground owner grower”. Above the ground, though his beloved Charente was never far away, he was always with the baptismal names he gave his champions. “Charentais or Charentaise” according to their gender. Like Harley Charentaise, a trotting specialist who runs regularly in Vincennes. “He has a class, but if the driver asks too many questions, he makes mistakes very easily. » Scrolls Owner When Passing. There is also the Diva Charentaise, or Sissi Charentaise, trained by Jean-Baptiste Bossuet, who was her first star of the early 2000s and has two Prix d’Amériques. “and rarely beaten”.

“Passionate for 12-13 years”

“I have had this passion for racehorses since I was 12-13 years old. My father was a cattle trader in Chalais and he had friends with horses, so we went to local racetracks together. “He remembers seven years. His father loved horse racing, but he wouldn’t bet. “Or very little and infrequently, because you have to throw away all the results, track them day by day. And even then, all it takes is one drop or one galloping pass to lose everything from a trotter.”The cautious Régis warns Maurice once again.

The owner does not raise or raise foals for sale. “ Sometimes I sell a little, but I’ve never done it for that. My job was butchery, the job I wanted to do since I was little, and horses were my

Régis Maurice leases his trousers to coach Franck Leblanc to cover boarding and rearing costs. The latter chooses its own drivers. Any winnings of a horse are then shared. “The more a horse wins, the better it ranks, which allows it to access the biggest racetracks, especially Vincennes for trotters”the owner remembers his pedagogue.

Following his horses in Equidia

This devouring passion for racehorses led him to become vice president of the Société des Course hippiques d’Angoulême for 25 years, which holds eight meetings a year at the La Tourette racetrack in La Couronne. Almost a year and the sudden death of former president Ruffécois coach Dominik Cordeau has taken the reins. “I never thought of that. The day of Dominik’s funeral, people from the regional horse racing federation called me to take over from him.”says Régis Maurice emotionally.

Known for the markets of Victor-Hugo and Ma Campagne in Angoulême or the butcher’s stall in La Couronne, the passionate seldom goes to the racetracks to follow his horses. “There was a time when I drove 100,000 kilometers a year, now it’s over. Especially since it is the Equidia channel, it allows me to follow my horses in my chair.”The owner, who doesn’t spend his afternoons in front of the racing chain, laughs.

He has always shared this love of horses with his wife, Françoise. “It is a shared passion. I think she likes it more than me. Even if he doesn’t like obstacle courses because there are a lot of falls”says Régis Maurice.

We would listen to him talk for hours about horses, races and their environment. He never pulls the blanket for himself or his racing monsters. Owning horses also means enjoying a prudent life.

on dates

21 July 1948. Régis Maurice was born in La Génetouze (17).
1965. After apprenticeship, he worked as a butcher in Angoulême with Marcel Dubois.
November 1969. He opens his own butcher’s in Mouthiers-sur-Boëme.
1978. Volunteered at Angoulême Horse Racing Association.
1980s Bought his first racehorses, straight specialists, after meeting a trainer who competed in Saint-Cloud.
1992. He expands his business and opens a new butcher shop.
1996. Became vice-president of the Angoulême Horseracing Association.
2021. After the death of Dominik Cordeau, he takes over the presidency of the Société des Course.

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