“What we love to do is take the time to train the horses”, Alexandra Francart

Particularly devoted to beautiful stories, Alexandra Francart is writing a new story with Drako de Maugré, son of her former accomplice Atlanta de Maugré, who has been unleashing her full potential for two weeks. On the occasion of Jump’Est, organized by the Rulquin family in his region, the driver spoke with Chestnut on Saturday about his future goals and then on the eve of racing at his first CSI 3* Grand Prix. The Frenchwoman also talks about her other prominent mare, Betty du Prieuré, and the evolution of her stables.

Betty du Prieuré (SF, Doremi x Chellano Z) returned to the competition in March after being away from the competition grounds for a little over eight months. How is he?

Last year, Betty had ovarian problems that injured her in a truck. His ovarian problem was quickly resolved, but he suffered a leg injury and took quite a long time to heal. We left him alone for the entire season, even if he restarted at the end of the year, as we quickly thought it would be an almost empty year for him. We are very pleased with his truly quiet return in March. He still participated in the Grand National de Vichy stage, but did not compete in the Grand Prix and had a clear lap over 1.45m. (Thus he finished eleventh in the Grand Prix Pro 1 on Friday, editor’s note). There’s still some breathing, training and abs lacking, so we found it interesting to pop into the Critérium Pro 1 in Fontainebleau. (editor’s note, which the couple concluded in twentieth)so he is still making progress in terms of his physical condition.

How will the season progress this year?

maubeuge (traditional northern CSI 3*, edited over the weekend of May 1, editor’s note) It is a course that Betty is quite fond of as she has won the Grand Prix for seven-year-old horses there. (in 2018, editor’s note)We decided to have him compete in the 1.50m race and the Grand Prix. (At 1.55m, gray was given eight points, editor’s note) low. Next week he will return here to Rosières-aux-Salines to shrink a little more at CSI 2* and then head to Bourg-en-Bresse’s CSI 4* with Drako de Maugré. Depending on their form there, we will define the schedule for the remainder of the season.

“Drako de Maugré’s win at Maubeuge was the third of his career in the 1.50m”

Betty du Prieuré’s injury stop benefited Drako de Maugré, who managed to harden at the CSI 2* Grand Prix.

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At exactly nine years old, Drako de Maugré won a 1.50m event at the Maubeuge, where he finished fifth at the CSI 3* in Nancy. Did you expect this performance from him?

Betty’s white year allowed us to prepare her perfectly. When She was arrested, we overhauled our entire agency, and she became my head horse, but because she was only eight, we paid close attention to her protection program: I’m in a hurry because I’m in a hurry. That’s why the CSI has done a lot in the 2* and this year has started to jump things at 1.50m with a little more maturity and it does it really well, giving us a pretty cool second cartridge to have fun with. competition. The event she won at Maubeuge finished third in her career in the 1.50m. He had already scored just four points in the Grand Prix du Grand National at Vichy and we are very pleased with the work he has done. It has many internal qualities, many possibilities, it is very modern because it has a lot of blood and influx and it is very respectful. I have to water a little every day and it grows on its own.

Do you find any features in her mother, Atlanta de Maugré, with whom you rode until she was eight years old?

Completely! Moreover, from the first time I climbed Drako, I found his mother very much in my feelings. Like him, he has a valuable side, but in a good way. He pays a lot of attention to what he does, where he puts his feet, and is also very focused, analyzing everything like Atlanta.

“My hats off to the Rulquin family”

You said that at the end of 2020, all your activities, especially trade, were affected by the health crisis. What about a year and a half later?

Trading is not big business for us. What we love to do is train horses with a post that revolves around ten mounts, like we did with Betty and Drako, and then aim for a high-end trade. Our priority is really sports, because good horseback riding gives us great pleasure. However, all activities except trading resumed well. For example, I gave many workshops this winter.

Here you ride a horse with the Ouilly suffix called Faiz (SF, Kannan x Lando). Have you started a collaboration with this breed led by Alexandra Lebon?

Yes, I’ve been riding some of his horses since September. This was not scheduled to be featured in Jump’Est because we only got it a month and a half ago and it turned out to be extremely green, but we had one vacancy. That’s why we didn’t have any arguments with Faiz this weekend because these events weren’t necessarily suitable for him, but on the other hand it allows me to discover him and I’m proud of him because I found him very brave and very smart. Also, for those of us who love beautiful stories, he is Burak’s son.d’Ouilly, SF, editor’s note, none other than Palestro II’s dam Jubilée d’Ouilly), the first filly I rode for Madame Lebon and sold in the United States this winter.

Are there any other promising young recruits in your stables?

We have a beautiful group of horses that are eight years old and we also have another one that is a year younger, Farfelu des Meulières (SF, Quick Star x Diamant de Semilly). It’s by William Gevresse and it’s not in the same format as Faiz, but it also looks pretty promising.

As a settled rider from Grand-Est, what is your opinion of Nancy’s first CSI 3* event as part of Jump’Est this weekend?

I think the Rulquin family is pretty crazy. (Who is in charge of the event, editor’s note) he gives himself a lot of work and I think he’s worried because it shouldn’t be easy to organize all this for his territory and for us. I take my hat off to them and say a big thank you.

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